I can offer you the following legal support:

Commercial Contracting
  • Provision of (pragmatic) legal advice on commercial agreements and all related matters to business stakeholders (incl. Sales, Pricing, Finance, Operations) & stakeholder management.
  • Drafting, review, negotiation, interpretation, and termination of almost all types of commercial contracts & documents.
  • Examples: sale of goods / services, supply, agency, distribution and consignment stock agreements, T&Cs, transportation & air charter services agreements, SLAs, SOPs, letters of intent, memoranda of understanding, indemnities & limitations of liability, public subsidy & partnership agreements, NDAs, termination & settlement agreements, assignment & sub-contracting agreements, extension & amendment agreements, supplementary addenda, and termination & default notices.
Corporate / M&A
  • Transactional M&A advice.
  • Due diligences.
  • Drafting, review, negotiation, interpretation, and termination of all transactional M&A agreements & documentation.
  • Examples: sale of shares agreements, sale of business agreements, heads of terms, shareholders’ agreements, closing memos, management board & shareholders’ resolutions, and merger notifications.
Project management
Legal Project Management
  • From start to finish, through all typical stages, to ensure project delivery that is successful, on time, and within budget:
    • Initiation (defining the project, its objectives, scope, and initial requirements)
    • Planning (creating a detailed project plan incl. tasks, timelines, resources, budget, and potential risks)
    • Execution (coordinating resources, managing tasks, and ensuring that the project stays on track)
    • Monitoring and Controlling (tracking performance, managing changes, and resolving issues as they arise)
    • Closure (completing any remaining tasks, documenting lessons learned, and transitioning deliverables to appropriate stakeholders).
  • Examples:
    • The creation and implementation of a single policy for the Sales Europe organization of a company
    • The transitioning of the contracts of a company to the acquiring entity as part of the post-merger integration of the purchased entity,
    • The creation of internal legal knowledge databases for stakeholder use.
Team leadership
Team Leadership
  • I thrive on building motivated, committed, and happy teams, having regard to the following key components of team leadership:
    • Effective and timely communication
    • Creation of a positive work environment by motivating team members
    • Making informed decisions, taking account of all relevant factors
    • Delegation of tasks to appropriately empower team members based on individual strengths and skills
    • Supporting team members through coaching, mentoring, and providing constructive feedback
    • Holding team members accountable for their actions and outcomes, ensuring that everyone takes responsibility for their assigned tasks and contributes to the team’s success
    • Building a cohesive team by fostering trust, respect, and camaraderie among team members
    • Being adaptable and flexible in response to changing circumstances, so as to navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

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